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A graduate of Notre Dame, Lauren has practiced criminal defense in three states and is admitted to practice law in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. She has tried more than 50 criminal jury trials with great success. Her passion for her work is demonstrated by her contagious enthusiasm and belief in the goodness of humanity and the importance of second chances. She handles misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felonies of all severity in State and Federal Courts.

Reviews Play Video. He has won the admiration of prosecutors, judges, and clients across Minnesota. Christopher provides on-going consultations to discuss strategy, potential case outcomes, and likely scenarios.

He is certified by the Minnesota Bar Association. His continued success and excellent results have garnered recognition within the legal community. In cases, Christopher consistently obtains dismissals, acquirements, and reduced charges. He provides realistic approaches and brings a special combination of terrorist, immigration, and military expertise to his clients.

Call Keyser Law, P. A for a free case evaluation and free consultation. SinceMr. His practice evolves based on the changing times of the social climate. Garry has successfully handled a vast array of criminal cases. As a result of his efforts, he has achieved a long record of securing acquittals, dismissals, and reductions in fees for his clients, representing clients from poor individuals to well-known celebrities and sports figures, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals.

All of our criminal defense lawyers actually face a rigorous Point Inspectionwhich includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence. You deserve only the best! Reviews Play Video Open 24 Hours. RYAN P.The 10 attorneys at Halberg Criminal Defense bring an unparalleled blend of criminal defense experience together in one law firm - with over years of combined criminal trial experience.

Halberg Criminal Defense annually receives numerous awards and individual recognition for our ethical and vigorous defense of people accused of criminal activity. In addition to handling many of the "high-profile" cases in Minnesota, we pride ourselves in the discreet legal assistance we can provide to all Minnesota citizens experiencing criminal difficulties. Individually, each lawyer has earned numerous awards.

This award is based upon legal knowledge, analytical capability, judgment, communication ability, and legal experience.

Christina Zauhar's client was charged with five separate charges involving domestic assault, disorderly conduct, and gross misdemeanor alcohol-related driving violations.

The client was facing serious consequences to his freedom, employment, future ability to carry a firearm, and forfeiture of his vehicle. Through vigorous negotiation and arguing weaknesses in the case, all charges were dismissed against the client except for one driving charge.

As a result, there was no forfeiture of the vehicle, no restriction on the use of a firearm, no fine, and no jail time. Along with alcohol, the client had 4 different controlled substances in his system when he was arrested. Because it was the 3rd DWI in 10 years, his vehicle was forfeited and his license plates impounded — he was also facing mandatory jail time. Kaschinske negotiated the return of the vehicle, rescinded the plate impoundment order and prevented the client from serving any jail time.

The client, who had been sober for 4 months by the time of sentencing, and his family were relieved at the outcome. After successfully achieving complete dismissal of first degree criminal sexual conduct charges in Scott County, Tina Appleby's client commented:. Tina, there are Angels all over this world. I may not be able to see them, but know their wings spread and protect, guide, and help whenever I am down.

You are like the Angels that I cannot see. A voice a moment away, with words that helped to protect, guide, and help me and my family. Like all Angels that help, they long to spread their wings and find those who need to be helped in the world with what they are guided to do with a good heart and good intentions. You have come into our lives like an Angel for a moment in our lives.

Should I never get to meet or see you, I pray that all in your life is blessed. I pray that an Angel guides you, helps you, and protects you in all you do, and return to you what you have done for me and my family. Thank you Tina. From what I hear, it would have been a pleasure to see you in action in court, however, in this case, I am glad it is reserved for another soul who needs you.

Drugs and a stolen gun were found when officers executed a search warrant on the home of Tina Appleby's client. Each are felony crimes that carry stiff sentences. Prior to an evidentiary hearing, Tina convinced the State that it would not be able to prove the drug charge, so the prosecutor dismissed it.

Tina then challenged the search warrant as it pertained to the stolen gun, arguing that the officers exceeded their authority. The judge agreed, so that charge was dismissed as well. Each was on a different date, and each carried a presumptive commit to prison for 86 months.

Thanks to his own tremendous effort rehabilitating himself and Tina Appleby's resolve to show it, one count was dismissed and the other resulted in a downward departure to days in the local jail as long as he is compliant with other conditions primarily, abstinence from alcohol and non-prescription drugs.

Marsh Halberg and Lee Orwig served as trial counsel for what is believed to be the largest criminal case in Minnesota court history with over 4, defendants. The two HCD attorneys were members of the five-attorney trial team who collectively represented the interests of over criminal defense attorneys in pursuing the source code litigation.

The two-week hearing concluded at the end of December.

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Judge Jerome Abrams presided over the matter and issued an Order in March regarding the admissibility of source code test results in both criminal DWI and implied consent cases. That Order has been appealed on an expedited basis to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Our office together with the other three trial team attorneys has filed an appellate reply brief in October and is awaiting notice of oral arguments being scheduled before the court.Mike Brandt is a class act.

I consulted a LOT of attorneys when my 20 year old was cited, and every other attorney I consulted told me I was I consulted a LOT of attorneys when my 20 year old was cited, and every other attorney I consulted told me I was best off retaining them for their standard flat fee before any court action.

Mike was the only one who was straight with me. He told me -- against his own financial interest -- that there was a very good chance that the hearing officer would "continue the case for dismissal" give us exactly what we wanted if my kid appeared on their own.

He could have sold me his services, but he didn't. He earned my respect.

Watch an Attorney Masterfully Destroy Cop's Credibility as He Testifies RE Client's Lack of Sobriety

She goes above and beyond with her services!! She also is very informative and takes the time to go over your options and explains things to you!

criminal defense attorney mn

Thanks again Nicole! Dani was the consummate professional from start to finish.

Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Minneapolis

She clearly informed me what to expect in the legal process and how to best present my case for a good She clearly informed me what to expect in the legal process and how to best present my case for a good outcome. I would recommend Dani Peden to anyone who is seeking quality representation for any kind of legal case.

The state bungled their way through the case from the start. They started by giving the wrong case number on my They started by giving the wrong case number on my release paperwork. Then not charging me for 2 months. And then they issued a warrant with maximum bail even though I had been in contact with the court and had be proactive in getting everything done.

I would have had to sit in jail overnight because of their poor scheduling but Nicole immediately contacted the judge and got me released within 3 hours of getting put in jail. Nicole was very informative about the process. Always on time for our meetings. Always very helpful in answering any questions I had in between the court dates. She got an unbelievably good resolution of my case.

Really unbelievably good.November 30, Whether it is a simple misdemeanor or a felony, fighting a criminal charge is easier said than done. There is too much at stake in cases involving criminal charges.

It is, however, not easy to find the best criminal defense attorney that can handle your case with the required care. Your search will become easier if you know the traits of a good defense lawyer.

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Here are a few qualities that make the best criminal defense attorney. Communication is a fundamental quality that every successful and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, MN should have. Your lawyer needs to know how to communicate not just with you and your family, but also the witnesses, judges, police, and courtroom personnel. They also need to have both written and verbal communication skills as most of the courtroom communication is in the form of paperwork.

A good lawyer knows how to write a crisp and clear appeal or create any other paperwork related to your case. They should also have excellent command over English or any other language being used in the court.

Most criminal cases involve negotiations and plea bargains. Especially minor criminal charges are less likely to go to trial because trials are expensive and time-consuming. The prosecution, however, will try their best to push for the harshest sentences or penalties even when negotiating a deal. If your defense lawyer has good negotiation skills, plus real-life experience in dealing with prosecution and the police, they can get you the best possible deal.

Make sure to check the track record of a lawyer to see if they have handled cases similar to yours before. If yes, you should consider hiring that lawyer. Although your case is less likely to go to a trial, your lawyer should have a clear understanding of how to behave in the courtroom.

When someone claims to be an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, MNmake sure they are talking about actual courtroom experience as well. Both you and your lawyer will need to appear in the court from time to time.

When you do, you will need to show respect towards the judge and their courtroom.

Experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyers

Of course, your attorney can be theatrical, if required. However, they must know when is the right time to do so. Even a single line or gesturewhen spoken erroneously or out of turn, can create a negative impression, which could prove detrimental to your case in the long run. A good criminal defense lawyer will have strong analytical skills. Your lawyer will need to find legal loopholes, gray areas, procedural inaccuracies, and even scrutinize the evidence presented by the prosecution to increase your chances of winning the case.

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It is not possible to know how to use the available information, witness testimonies, and evidence to your best advantage without the right analytical skills. Remember, a lawyer without impeccable analytical skills will cause more harm than good to your case.We represent individuals who have been accused or charged with white collar crimes brought by the state and federal government.

Upon my first meeting with Andy, I felt a high level of trust and appreciated his straight forward approach. During my legal process, I always felt comforted to have Andy and Ian, confident that they had my best interest in mind.

They are smart, skilled and the consummate professionals that I was blessed to have on my team and would not hesitate to refer to anyone needing the best legal representation. Whether you want to go to trial or want a quiet settlement, you need a lawyer with the knowledge and experience to help you fight for the best possible outcome in your case. We have handled many complex bank fraud cases involving unique legal and factual issues. Early legal representation in securities fraud cases is critical.

Not only are there potentially severe criminal penalties, but often there are parallel civil consequences.

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Our strong team can evaluate any allegations against you and provide advice about the facts and laws surrounding complicated securities transactions. Tax evasion is a very serious offense and a conviction often carries with it lengthy sentences and large penalties.

We are highly qualified and very knowledgeable about tax evasion investigations and frequently work with CPAs and forensic analysts to achieve the best results for our clients. We have handled many complex money laundering cases and are ready to help you. There are a number of different drug crimes under Minnesota and Federal Law, including drug trafficking, conspiracy, distribution, trafficking, manufacturer, importation, sale, simple possession, and many more.

Are you being accused of criminal sexual conduct? If so, you need an experienced Minnesota criminal sexual conduct lawyer. The intense prosecution of sexual related crimes is staggering in Minnesota state courts as well as in federal courts across the country. Financial exploitation of vulnerable adults is one of the common injustices suffered by unsuspecting older adults in MN.

It was originally intended to be used as a tool for the government to prosecute organized crime, but law enforcement and prosecutors have expanded the use of RICO. View our varied criminal defense practices by clicking the button to the right. Our Criminal justice attorney practice group is led by Andrew S. Birrell and has a national reputation for excellence.

We represent individuals, public and private corporations and other entities. We represent these people and groups in internal investigations, in pre-charge investigations, including after receipt of a target letterin grand jury investigations, in pretrial proceedings, in trials and appeals in Federal and State Court matters across Minnesota and throughout the United States.Signy did an amazing job, and the added champagne and chocolates when we arrive (we were there for our honeymoon) were just so sweet.

This was only my second time out of the United States, the first gong to Indonesia where my sister-in-law lived and provided all guidance.

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Booking a trip like this was daunting for me but I was blessed to have Larus as my travel consultant. Larus always responded quickly to my questions and inquiries, and provided expert advice which were dead on accurate and helpful. With Larus I never felt I was doing this alone and felt informed. I feel I need to credit Larus with a lot of the success of our trip.

What Nordic Visitor provides travelers with is very impressive.

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It seems that a lot of homework is done to scout out fantastic places to stay and make reservations for. From the moment we found their Iceland Winter World itinerary, we were sold on the price and the tour. Looking at the package offerings, we discovered they had built an itinerary around nearly every major site we had wanted to see in Iceland, and had taken the guesswork out of lodging arrangements and tour bookings.

On top of their already great itinerary, Larus did an outstanding job of creating enough flex in the schedule to allow us to do some additional day trips. There was also a great balance of activities and leisure time in the city, which we really appreciated.

The communication at every step of the process was excellent and timely. Larus answered our questions clearly, and made suggestions that were in our best interest. The documents the company provides you upon bookIng and arrival are well-laid out and helpful.

Nordic Visitor also did a fantastic job of selecting vendors that aligned with their commitment to excellence, as we were very pleased with our lodgings and tour operators. I feel certain our trip with a group of seven adults of varying ages and interests would not have been nearly as enjoyable, had it not been for Nordic Visitor's expertise in selecting a great hotel location and professional, courteous tour operators that took the angst out of international travel.

From the moment we arrived at the airport, we didn't have to think about a thing as we were whisked off everywhere we needed to be in the most timely manner possible. Our family has already discussed returning to Iceland someday, and the first place I will look in planning that next trip will be with Nordic Vi Elizabeth, Canada Iceland Full Circle - Winter, October 2013 Made the booking experience very easy Our tour was extremely well organized and Hilmar was always polite, quick with his responses, and made the booking experience very easy.

He was able to book tours in advance and even suggested we wait to arrive to book some weather-dependent experiences. He provided valuable information and recommendations and we doubt we would have had as unforgettable an experience without his guidance.

criminal defense attorney mn

We were very happy to find that all of our transportation was on time (mostly early) and comfortable. The guides were friendly and answered any questions that we had.

They were very knowledgeable about the area of the tour. All of the needed paperwork was in order and we had no problem with any of the vouchers. We had a lot of fun while visiting Iceland and we would definitely recommend your services to friends and family. Christine really liked the horseback riding and the rafting that we did. I also enjoyed those activities but my favorite was the highland tour (our guide was awesome!. Sorry I don't remember his name) and I also enjoyed the ATV tour.

criminal defense attorney mn

Thank you for standing by your services and delivering what was promised. If you are a first time visitor to Iceland, and are unsure the best way to go about booking your hotels, must see views, and for peace of mind, this company is the way to go.

The hotel was clean, comfortable and had friendly staff. The tours were very well organised and informative without overloading us with information. Nordic Visitor ensured that we had a smooth uneventful stay. We were greeted warmly by Harold at the airport and taken to the Blue Lagoon. Harold also gave us our Welcome Pack and took us to our hotel.

All the tours that were booked ran to time and the drivers and guides were very friendly and helpful.Upgrade to a modern browser to better experience this site.

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criminal defense attorney mn

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Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorneys

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